2023.01.31 Yokohama

Wedding Band with Subtle Personal Touches, Just for Two of You

A couple, who thought the wedding rings made by ith for someone you know were beautiful, came to the atelier.


They had already done some research on designs before their visit, expressing interest in "combination colors" during our conversation.


Subtle Combination Colors

After trying on various rings, they chose a design named "Nocturne."


The ring’s surface features platinum, maintaining the classic wedding ring look, while the inside hides a subtle gold accent, creating a combination color design.



The design, inspired by the musical term "nocturne," symbolizes "feelings of quietly thinking of one’s partner".


Incorporating Hobbies into Laser-Engraved Illustrations

The couple shares a common hobby: music.

They decided to incorporate illustrations of musical instruments and notation symbols into their rings using laser engraving.


When the two rings were stacked together, the design revealed two illustrations, creating a very beautiful effect.






Their personalized wedding rings, concealing musical motifs on the inside, encapsulate their shared interests in a special way.


Upon receiving the rings with the engravings, they remarked, "We didn’t expect the engravings to come out so beautifully!"




I hope that, moving forward, you will create harmonious melodies of happiness together.


Wishing you all the happiness from the atelier.


Concierge: Murakami

Yokohama Atelier


Wedding Band with Subtle Personal Touches, Just for Two of You