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Multifaceted Forged Rings



Warmth Residing in Multifaceted Designs



ith's collection features two main categories of wedding band designs: those with a simple mirror finish and those with a matte surface or unique textured finishes.

Among the textured wedding rings, faceted designs in particular possess a warmth imbued by the craftsmanship of artisans who finish each piece by hand.


ith offers 15 different designs of multifaceted rings alone, encouraging wearers to find their unique favourite that reflects their personality.




Multifaceted Designs Crafted Through Forging Process



Within the collection of rings crafted through forging, there are two types of multifaceted wedding rings.

The precision and strength of machine work, combined with the warmth of hand craftsmanship, are brought together in a multifaceted design with texture. This design is achieved by randomly finishing the surfaces using tools such as hammers and files.








Named after the Italian word for log or firewood, "Legna" evokes the texture of tree bark, embodying the charm of a campfire that brings forth genuine and natural feelings, wishing couples to remain unpretentiously themselves forever.

The pattern created by hammering to produce a textured surface is called "hammered finish". The "Legna" utilizes a hammer to repeatedly strike the surface, creating a multifaceted texture. The pattern of narrow vertical lines is created by using a pointed hammer, carefully chiseling each hammered patterns one at a time.



Randomly created hammered patterns may seem simple but actually require a high level of skill.

Adjusting the force of the hammer strike, ensuring the lines are vertically straight against the ring, and preventing the ring size from inadvertently increasing are all considerations in the meticulous process of evenly applying hammer textures around the ring.

After hammering, a matte texture called honing is applied over the hammered surface, with the sides finished to a mirror polish, adding definition to the ring.

This additional step enhances the ring's finish.

"Legna" Collection










Named for its crisp appearance, this multifaceted wedding ring is crafted by carving with a file.

After shaping a ring with a rounded dome-like form through machining processes, artisans handcraft each surface by carving patterns into it. The task of flattening numerous facets while creating edges requires the expertise of skilled craftsmen.

The base ring is precision-machined for width and thickness, with subsequent finishing by hand, showcasing a combination of machine work and artisanal craftsmanship.

In the center of the pink gold ring, a 'swallowtail setting' was applied, featuring two elongated lines as decoration on each side of the diamond. A swallowtail refers to the tail of a swallow, and similarly, a groom's tailcoat at weddings is split at the back, resembling the bifurcated tail of a swallow. Swallows have long been considered auspicious symbols in jewelry, representing marital harmony and prosperity for the household. The slender ring is accented by the swallowtail setting, adding a distinctive touch.

Croccante Collection



The Fusion of Machine Work and Handcrafting


Though forging rings often evoke images of metal being tempered into durable pieces, ith's forged rings are not only strong but also filled with the warmth of handcrafting and the skill of artisans. We're pleased to introduce a new forging technique that challenges a higher level of craftsmanship. Beyond just the stylish appearance and cuteness, we hope you can also appreciate the quality of our craftsmanship.


ith's Forged Collection


Ayu Takahashi, Concierge 


Multifaceted Forged Rings