2021.06.02 Jewellery Column

Forged Rings with Original Surface Textures


A texture with originality from handmade craftsmanship


ith's ring collection boasts around 40 wedding rings, each with a meticulously finished surface.

Among these, the texture named "Neve", meaning 'snow' in Italian, emulates the marks left on ice by skates, envisioning the couple's footsteps across an ice rink.

This texture, present since ith's inception, deepens in character with the time invested in overlaying lines upon the ring's surface through handcrafting.







Named after the musical term meaning 'with weight,' reflecting its broad and thick substantial appearance, the "Pesante", crafted through the forging process and featuring a wide, generous surface textured by the artisan's handiwork, boasts a dignified heft. While the average width of wedding rings is said to be around 2.5mm to 3.0mm nowadays, "Pesante" rings are made thicker for a more substantial feel: platinum rings at 4.0mm, yellow gold rings at 3.5mm in width. While the typical thickness for ith's wedding rings is based at 1.6mm, "Pesante" rings increase this to 2.2mm for platinum and 2.0mm for yellow gold, ensuring a solid presence when worn.

To enhance comfort due to its volume, a technique known as 'comfort fit' is applied, rounding the edges where the side meets the inside of the ring. This allows the ring to be worn without feeling constrictive.

Additionally, a single diamond is set into the surface of the yellow gold with a star decoration setting. The matte finish of the yellow gold, which gently blends with the skin, combined with the high gloss of the diamond, enhances the overall appearance of the ring.

Pesante Collection




The Enjoyment of Choosing Forged Rings by Metal Colour



When deciding to create the forged collection, ith aimed to broaden the joy of selecting wedding rings by expanding the variety of metals used. To the existing options of platinum, yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold, two more colours have been added: champagne gold and lime gold, making six options available.

The ring on the left is made of champagne gold, a material with a hue closer to skin colour than pink gold, blending seamlessly when worn.

The ring on the right, made of lime gold, exhibits a vivid yellow with a hint of green, aptly named for its citrus inspiration. This colour stands out boldly against the skin, in contrast to the subtler champagne gold.

Creating a custom-made wedding ring, a once-in-a-lifetime treasure, involves not just the design but also the choice of metal color, which is a crucial element. To find the color that suits you best or the color you prefer, I encourage you to try on different options at the atelier.





A Single Artisan's Commitment from Start to Finish



The traditional forging method, which starts with turning a single rod of metal into a ring, shaping the base part of the ring through lathe machining, and finally applying handcrafted finishes to the ring, is a highly labor-intensive and time-consuming manufacturing process.

This method of craftsmanship allows a single artisan to be involved in the ring's creation from the initial phase to completion, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the finished piece.

In an era of mass production, ith prioritizes the attachment and responsibility felt towards each ring over productivity, enriching both the artisans and wearers.


ith's Forged Rings


Concierge, Ayu Takahashi


Forged Rings with Original Surface Textures